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Ponto™ System and Baha® System -
BAHA Attract and BAHA Connect

Photo: Oticon Medical

Bone conduction hearing system such as Ponto uses the natural sound conducting properties of bone. The Ponto™ System is an implant system for bone conduction hearing that is designed to overcome the many challenges of hearing loss.

The unique technology in the latest Ponto 4 gives constant access to 360-degree sound and lets the brain decide what to focus on.  It makes it easy to follow the dynamics of conversation – even in noisy environments - while accurately balancing background sounds and removing remaining noise. The result is a full and open soundscape.

Ponto 4 is the smallest bone anchored sound processor ever that also delivers the renowned standards of Ponto quality. It comes with full wireless capability and state of the art technology. 

Ponto 4 can be connected to the wide range of devices in your everyday life. Using the Oticon ON App and IFTTT network, it is the world's first bone anchored sound processor which can be connected to the internet. 

Please contact us if you are interested to find out more.

BAHA Attract Image.png

BAHA Attract

BAHA Connect image.png

BAHA Connect

Photo: Cochlear Ltd

Bone conduction hearing system such as the BAHA® system consists of one stable implant with two proven implant types providing a reliable and secure foundation for better hearing - BAHA Attract and BAHA Connect. 

The BAHA® system works via the sound processor that captures sounds in the air. This is then turned into vibrations and sent through the abutment or magnetic connections to the tiny implant.

The BAHA Attract offers a magnetic connection to hearing by using internal and external magnets that attract one another. It is comfortable and easy to use and requires no daily skin care. The sound processor simply connects onto a magnet to hold it in place. 

The BAHA Connect offers a direct connection to hearing and is also easy to use. Simply connect a sound processor onto a small abutment behind the ear.

Please contact us if you are interested to find out more.




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